Eliminating Discrimination & Harassment in the Workplace (NY|NYC)

Course Description

This course addresses concepts of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in the workplace. The content is focused on contributing to a respectful workplace, self-awareness, what to do if you’re a victim or witness of discrimination or harassment, and how to respond if you engage in or are accused of such behavior.


  • Gain an awareness of the history and laws that protect employees from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

  • Understand what harassment, discrimination, and retaliation are.

  • Understand how to contribute to a respectful workplace.

  • Empower targets and bystanders when facing inappropriate behavior.

  • Understand the importance of reporting and the reporting pathways.

  • Understand options for responding if you offend.

  • Understand your employer’s role in fostering a respectful workplace.

  • Gain an awareness of requirements specific to New York and and New York City employees

Content Outline

  • History of workplace discrimination and harassment legislation

  • Key terms and protected classes

  • Explanation of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation

  • Fostering a respectful workplace

  • Target perspective and empowerment

  • Bystander perspective and intervention

  • Offender perspective, self-awareness, and appropriate responses

  • Internal reporting encouragement

  • Consequences of inappropriate work behavior

  • Expectations of company and supervisor

Course Details

Duration: 60 minutes

Audience: Recommended for general employee population in New York and New York City

Languages: English and Spanish


  • Content based on EEOC findings and recommendations and recognized HR best practices

  • Complies with New York State Labor Law Section 201-g and the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act employee training requirements

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