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Reinforce your organization’s commitment to a respectful work environment. Give your team the tools they need to contribute to a work culture that does not tolerate inappropriate behavior. Our convenient online anti-sexual harassment training can be completed from any web-connected device and uses interactive, multi-media content that reinforces comprehension. 

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Meets State Requirements

Our workplace harassment training courses for employees and supervisors comply with unique state training requirements including those for NY, NYC, CA, CT, ME, DE and others.

Supervisor Course

In addition to general employee workplace harassment training, Trüpp offers specialized courses for managers that ensure they are prepared to handle inappropriate behavior.

Multiple Languages

All of our online workplace harassment training courses are available with fully integrated audio, video, and text content in both Spanish and English.

LMS Integration

Our online workplace harassment training courses can be integrated with your organization’s Learning Management System.

Certification and Tracking

Participation is tracked and recorded to meet regional and/or company reporting requirements. Upon passing the course, learners are issued a certificate of completion.

Interactive Content

Sequenced navigation ensures engagement along with knowledge checks, drag-and-drop exercises, and other click-to-learn content satisfying requirements that mandate interactive content.

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Don’t settle for mediocre

Ready for a fresh approach to online sexual harassment training?

So were we, so we developed a series of contemporary online workplace harassment courses with technology-driven multimedia content specifically designed to engage learners. Not satisfied with merely checking the box, we take a fresh approach that is focused on individual employee empowerment for creating a respectful workplace.

Interactive Tools

Each of our anti-sexual harassment training courses incorporates interactive components like drag-and-drop exercises, flip cards, or click-to-learn pop-ups that require the learner to engage with the content, facilitating increased comprehension and retention.

Fresh Modern Design

Our workplace harassment training courses are designed with a contemporary approach that uses visually-appealing multimedia content in a familiar easy-to-use, web-interface for an enhanced user experience.

Practical Approach

Our unique approach to workplace harassment training explores the perspectives of the target, the bystander, and and the offender. Each perspective includes practical tools and techniques for prevention and appropriate response options.

Harassment training from any device

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Online anti-sexual harassment training from Trüpp can be completed from any desktop or mobile device with internet access. Learners can begin on one device and pick up where they left off on another. Course participation and engagement is monitored and tracked to meet various regulatory requirements and certification may be provided upon completion.

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