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Are you ready to invest in training that makes a difference? Our online harassment training courses take a fresh modern approach to online learning, using contemporary themes, attractive design, and interactive technologies designed to promote engagement and empower your team to participate in a respectful work environment.

If your goal with workplace harassment training is to strengthen a thriving culture or make a positive change in your workplace, you’ve come to the right place. With the understanding that harassment is a behavior problem, not a knowledge problem, we developed our harassment training courses to go beyond merely providing compliance information. Our courses focus on increasing awareness by offering insight into the perspectives of the target, the bystander, and the offender, and providing practical tools for responding when an inappropriate encounter occurs.

Ready to move beyond the 70s? Making full use of the latest advances in online learning, we’ve developed interactive courses that are modern and visually appealing, utilize familiar web technology and mobile interfaces, and require engagement to progress through the content. Our easy-to-use interface provides an enhanced user experience while providing on-demand tracking and reporting features for your administrator.

Want to change things up a bit? We offer flexibility that enables you to personalize our online harassment courses to fit your culture and brand.

  • Add a custom welcome video with a personal message to your employees that reinforces your commitment to the training
  • Include relevant policies and company resources
  • Provide branded certificates of completion for your employees
  • Add extra group managers to generate reports, set new passwords, and view learner exam scores and activity
  • Deploy our training in your organization’s LMS
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Workplace harassment training details

Available Courses

Course TitleDurationAudienceStates
Eliminating Discrimination & Harassment in the Workplace60 minutesAll EmployeesNationwide*
Eliminating Discrimination & Harassment in the Workplace (CA)60 minutesAll EmployeesCA
Eliminating Discrimination & Harassment in the Workplace (NY|NYC)60 minutesAll EmployeesNY|NYC
Supervisor Harassment Learning Path120 minutesSupervisorsNationwide*
Supervisor Harassment Learning Path (CA)120 minutesSupervisorsCA
Supervisor Harassment Learning Path (NY|NYC)120 minutesSupervisorsNY|NYC

*State-specific courses available for CA and NY/NYC.

Course Outlines

Our lineup of harassment courses includes a general employee version** and a learning path for supervisors. The supervisor learning path includes the general course plus an extension course for supervisors. The content for each is outlined below:

Eliminating Discrimination & Harassment in the Workplace

  • History of workplace discrimination and harassment legislation

  • Key terms and protected classes

  • Explanation of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation

  • Fostering a respectful workplace

  • Target perspective and empowerment

  • Bystander perspective and intervention

  • Offender perspective, self-awareness, and appropriate responses

  • Internal reporting encouragement

  • Consequences of inappropriate work behavior

  • Expectations of company and supervisor

Supervisor – Eliminating Discrimination & Harassment in the Workplace

  • Supervisor affirmative duties

  • Responsibility as a role model

  • The importance of vigilance

  • Power dynamics

  • Preventing inappropriate behavior

  • Receiving a complaint

  • Addressing a complaint

  • Handling an offender

  • Supporting the investigation process

  • Preventing retaliation

**Unique versions of our workplace harassment courses are available for individual states that have distinct training requirements. These courses contain the content outlined above with additional content and reporting information as specified by the regulations for that location.

Complies with State Harassment Training Laws

Our content is based on EEOC findings and recommendations, recognized HR best practices, and the unique requirements of the state regulations listed below.***

  • California SB 1343, AB 1825, AB 2053, and SB 396

  • Connecticut Code – Sec. 46a-60

  • Delaware House Bill 360

  • Maine law (Title 26 M.R.S.A §807)

  • 2018 New York State sexual harassment prevention law & New York City “Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act

***Where necessary, unique courses have been developed to comply with specific regulations. Please contact us to ensure you purchase the course that covers regulations specific to your region or the region in which your employees work.

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Harassment training pricing & customization

Prices and Volume Discounts

500+custom pricingcustom pricing

Costs are per learner, per course. Additional discounts may be available for multi-year contracts and SCORM packages. SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can packages can be provided for deployment in your LMS.

Customize your harassment training

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See what makes us different

Don’t settle for mediocre

Ready for a fresh approach to online sexual harassment training?

So were we, so we developed a series of contemporary online workplace harassment courses with technology-driven multimedia content specifically designed to engage learners. Not satisfied with merely checking the box, we take a fresh approach that is focused on individual employee empowerment for creating a respectful workplace.

Interactive Tools

Each of our anti-sexual harassment training courses incorporates interactive components like drag-and-drop exercises, flip cards, or click-to-learn pop-ups that require the learner to engage with the content, facilitating increased comprehension and retention.

Fresh Modern Design

Our workplace harassment training courses are designed with a contemporary approach that uses visually-appealing multimedia content in a familiar easy-to-use, web-interface for an enhanced learner experience.

Practical Approach

Our unique approach to workplace harassment training explores the perspectives of the target, the bystander, and the offender. Each perspective includes practical tools and techniques for prevention and appropriate response options.

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Harassment training from any device

All the information you need at your fingertips!

Online anti-sexual harassment training from Trüpp can be completed from any desktop or mobile device with internet access. Learners can begin on one device and pick up where they left off on another. Course participation and engagement is monitored and tracked to meet various regulatory requirements and certification may be provided upon completion.

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