Pay equity laws are the new trend across the country. Is your organization prepared?

Equal pay laws are rolling out in cities and states across the nation and the Pay Equity for All Act has been proposed at the federal level. Ensure that your pay practices are aligned with relevant fair pay laws and trends. Get your free Pay Equity Assessment from Trüpp to see just how your organization stacks up. 

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Make Pay Equity Work for You!

Reduce Risk

Employees and applicants will be aware of these highly publicized laws. Implement practices that will reduce your risk as the trend grows and as new legal requirements come into play.

Be an Early Adopter

Changing pay structures can be difficult to manage quickly. Start planning now so you can make necessary changes over a longer period of time to accommodate your workforce and budget.

Define Compensation

Streamline new hire and pay increase decisions across the board with a clearly-defined and equitable compensation strategy that ensures consistency in your pay practices.

 Free Pay Equity Assessment

How can Trüpp help with pay equity compliance?

Whether complying with current state and local fair pay laws or trying to get ahead of the equal pay trend, Trüpp’s team of compensation specialists have the experience to assist your organization with navigating the complexity of compensation legislation. Let our team of compensation specialists ensure that your pay practices are aligned with relevant equal pay laws and best practices so that you can reduce legal risk and possible damage to your organization’s reputation.

Hiring Practices

Trüpp’s team of compensation specialists conduct an audit of your hiring practices to ensure your application process, interview practices, and new hire offers aren’t putting you at risk.

Internal Equity

Trüpp ensures pay is being handled consistently, considering the value and complexity of each position in your organization, as well as pay for employees in same pay grades for similar roles.

Pay Policies

Trüpp performs a thorough review of current pay policies and practices and provides recommendations to simplify, the process of making pay decisions and eliminate potential risks for pay discrepancies.

Job descriptions

Trüpp conducts a job analysis to ensure job descriptions are completed in a manner that aligns with methodologies for compensation and performance management programs.

Compensation Strategy

Trüpp assists with defining your organization’s perspective on the role of compensation—establishing the “why” behind employee pay and creating a framework for consistency.


Trüpp assesses your business practices in light of relevant pay equity laws—providing a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations for mitigating risks.

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