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Trupp's HR Outsourcing Proven Process


During the discover stage, we focus on understanding your business and the state of your current compensation program. We gather information through our intake forms and sales discussions to accurately understand your compensation needs. We assess how our services best align with your project, desired outcomes, and cost constraints. The discovery stage concludes with the presentation of the proposal and service agreement.


Next, we establish your compensation project team and schedule a kick-off meeting to verify project understanding and gather initial information. We then develop a project plan and establish the cadence of regular check-ins. This stage concludes with introducing the project management plan, scheduling recurring project meetings, and creating a secure shared folder for exchanging confidential files.


Following the onboard stage, we commence work utilizing proprietary tools and templates relevant to your compensation project. Our activities are carefully guided by the most current data and best practices to ensure the highest quality work. We take a project management approach that ensures transparency and accountability and that your project stays on time and within budget. All the while, our skilled communicators present complex concepts in an approachable way to your staff, leadership, and boards.


Trüpp maintains a regular cadence of check-ins throughout your project’s lifecycle to keep you apprised of project status, proactively address concerns, and make adjustments that maintain alignment with your desired outcomes. We provide a project management dashboard that includes activity status updates to keep your team in the loop. The project concludes with the presentation of project findings, recommendations, training, and reports.

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