Simplify your hiring needs with a strategic partnership

Thriving businesses often find themselves regularly acquiring new talent, which can be a time-consuming distraction from daily business needs. Trüpp’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is ideal for business leaders that want to cost-effectively offload the resource strain of talent acquisition to a skilled recruiting agency. Partnering with our clients, we develop a recruitment strategy that addresses business priorities and tactical staffing needs.
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    We are driven to accurately represent your organization.

    At Trüpp, we understand that your business is unique. Instead of taking a one size fits all approach, our recruitment process outsourcing begins with a deep dive into your organization. We take the time to really understand your business objectives, growth projections, company values, and culture. Only then can we truly identify potential employees that fit within your unique business framework.
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    We shoulder all of your recruitment process needs.

    When partnering with Trüpp, you can focus on growing your business while we take on the entire recruitment process. Our experienced recruiters begin by developing a recruiting plan for your job openings. We then cast a wide net to draw qualified applicants, use proven tools to assess and screen candidates, and handle all applicant communication. Our recruiting approach focuses on a legally sound process, from interviewing to the employment offer and pre-employment tests.
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    We get the right people in place to meet your growth objectives.

    With a thorough understanding of your growth objectives and related staffing needs, we work closely with your leaders to determine the skills and positions that will be required at each stage along the way. Taking time to understand the recruiting roadmap and specific skills and attributes desired for each position, our recruitment specialists free up your leaders to concentrate on growing the business, while we focus on acquiring the right talent to fill each position.

Trüpp’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing covers all the bases

As your Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner, Trüpp operates as an extension of your team to provide services consistent with a comprehensive recruiting department, including:
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    Understanding Your Business and Culture

    In order to truly operate as an extension of your organization, it is paramount for Trüpp to gain a thorough understanding of your business. We focus on your business model, competitive environment, industry-specific context, role and department interdependencies, company values and culture, and the specifics regarding roles within your organization. Trüpp leverages a variety of methods to come up to speed in these areas, including:
    • Job shadowing
    • Review of company literature, web site, organizational charts, job descriptions, and employee handbook
    • Analyzing competition for the same applicant pool
    • Meeting with hiring managers to learn about their team, hiring challenges, and management style
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    Promoting Your Employer Brand

    Your employer brand is the cornerstone of your organizations ability to attract and retain top talent. Two-thirds of candidates will make salary concessions for a company with a strong employer brand—which starts with a solid Employee Value Proposition (EVP). EVP is basically defined as the reasons why your employees were attracted to and continue to value working for your company. These reasons may include a variety of areas such as:
    • Total Rewards [compensation, pay practices, benefits, time off]
    • Affiliation [mission/vision/values, culture, reputation, community]
    • Work Environment [interesting and challenging work, respect and inclusion, workload, resources, flexibility]
    • People [quality of leadership/peers/subordinates, communication, trust, collaboration]
    • Career [opportunities to learn/grow/advance, employment security, recognition and feedback]
    Trüpp’s RPO team works hand-in-hand with the HRO team and client to ensure applicant messaging aligns with the company’s EVP and that the Employer Brand is being strengthened and promoted. This not only contributes to Trüpp’s ability to attract qualified candidates, it also increases new hire commitment and employee retention.
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    Managing the Applicant Experience

    In the current labor market, providing applicants with a positive experience is critical to an organization’s ability to hire top talent rather than losing candidates to the competition. Today’s mid-level job searcher considers only 13% of employers to be responsive during the recruiting process. Trüpp leverages timely and professional communications to applicants to keep them engaged in the process and, once a job has been filled, inform applicants of the job status and encourage applicants to continue to consider new openings and positions that may become available at your organization in the future. By enhancing the applicant experience, your reputation as an employer of choice is strengthened in the labor market, building momentum for future recruiting efforts.

    What our applicants are saying:

    Best at Follow-up!

    I just wanted to say that I was really impressed with the entire interview process at Trupp Talent! I did a lot of interviews during my job search and Trupp was by far the best at followup and keeping me informed throughout. The friendly professionalism was a breath of fresh air during a very stressful time for me.

    An applicant for a marketing position

    Trupp HR Gets It!

    Regardless of whether I'm fortunate enough to move forward in the recruiting process, I have to provide you what is hopefully "glowing" feedback:

    1. Your application process is simply outstanding. All such processes should be so easy and straightforward in today's SaaS/Cloud-based/advanced technical environment
    2. Your website is cleanly beautiful with great fonts and all necessary pieces of information within just a few clicks
    3. Even your email sent after submitting the application materials is what I consider exceptionally notable in its simplicity and professionalism.

    I would have to conclude Trupp HR "gets it"!

    An applicant for an IT Director position
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    Finding Qualified Applicants

    With the demand for qualified applicants high, Trüpp realizes we can’t just sit back and wait for candidates to apply. We leverage powerful tools, including an extensive social network, searching online resume databases, employee referrals, and Trüpp’s applicant database. Trüpp’s applicant tracking system (ATS) enables us to efficiently post job openings to free and commonly-used job boards. Depending on the position, fee-based job boards may also be recommended.
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    Supporting Hiring Managers

    Hiring managers have a lot on their plate. Our RPO services prioritize alleviating unnecessary burden from hiring managers. Each time a job title is posted for the first time, Trüpp takes time to meet with the hiring manager to gain a full understanding of the job and hiring needs. From this discussion, Trüpp establishes a recruiting plan and defines key attributes that will be used to screen, assess, and score candidates. Once qualified candidates have been identified, Trüpp coordinates interview times/locations, provides the hiring manager/interview panel with interview packet (i.e., resume, application, interview scorecard, and notes). As needed, our talent placement specialist will also provide suggested interview questions and participate in client interviews with candidates. In addition, our recruiters manage follow-up communication to candidates, such as job offers, communications of non-selection, and updates regarding the interview process. 

Why consider RPO with Trüpp?

Mitigate Risk

The legal requirements around interviewing and employment contracts present very real challenges that can have costly consequences for small to midsize organizations. Trust the professionals at Trüpp to ensure a legally sound recruitment process.

Save Time

When you entrust your recruiting to Trüpp’s RPO team, not only will you save the time commitment of interviewing and screening candidates, you’ll reap the benefits of a streamlined process developed by a professional recruiting agency.

Grow Intelligently

Trüpp takes a strategic approach to your organization’s recruiting needs based on organizational goals and business projections. This ensures a sound hiring practice that gets the right people in the right position at the right time.

Contain Costs

Individual recruitments can be costly and often increase expenses during times when budgets are constrained. Partnering with Trüpp’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing team keeps costs contained for more predictable budgeting.

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