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Wondering about your company’s compliance and effectiveness?

Employment in today’s fast-paced business landscape can be challenging. Whether you are concerned about attracting and retaining top talent, complying with ever-changing employment law, or just want to ensure your business is running at peak efficiency, getting a clear picture of where you are at and uncovering areas that need improvement is essential to maintaining competitive advantage. Audits from Trüpp have been tailored to address the specific aspects of your HR program. Business leaders will gain a clear picture of:

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    Gaps in regulatory compliance

    Keeping up with frequently changing employment law can be overwhelming—with costly consequences for those that fall out of compliance. Trüpp’s compliance audits assess key policies and company records related to important regulatory topics such as FMLA, FLSA, ACA, EEO, and Wage & Hour to ensure that your organization is up-to-date and in compliance with the most recent federal, state, and local employment laws.
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    Opportunities for Improvement

    Audits from Trüpp enable organizations to get a clear view of their existing employment policies and provide valuable information about vulnerabilities, out-of-date policies, and inefficient practices. Our findings are focused through both an HR and business lens—highlighting areas that are most likely to reduce risk or increase organizational value.
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    Recommendations + Priorities

    Trüpp doesn’t stop at uncovering opportunities for growth. We provide best practices and clear direction to set your organization on the path to excellence. Findings inform continuous improvement efforts including organizational structure and process improvements, better system utilization, and practices that contribute to an elevated employee experience.

Types of audits available from Trüpp

360 HR Audit

Comprehensive, third-party, examination of your organization’s employment practices. Our 360 HR Audits include a thorough review of employment policies, HR practices and key processes, workplace culture assessment based on client interviews and HR metric review, and a 360 HR Audit Findings + Recommendations Report that clearly identifies compliance and best practices priorities across 18 categories.

Employee Files Audit

Our Employee Files Audits include a comprehensive examination of employee records—ensuring necessary forms and paperwork are present, verifying access to records is properly managed and secured, and that employee personal information is protected. The Employee Files Audit Findings + Recommendation Report includes specific file items needing to be addressed along with recommendations for file management protocols and record-keeping policies.

I-9 Audit

Our I-9 audits ensure your company is meeting regulatory requirements and prepared for an auditor’s watchful eye. We carefully review each I-9 compared to employee lists to ensure documents are present and current, properly completed and filed, and monitored for employees with non-resident status. The I-9 Audit Findings + Recommendation Report includes specific I-9 items needing to be addressed, instructions for addressing errors and omissions, and guidelines for maintaining compliant I-9 records.

Benefits Audit

Changing regulations, benefits plans, and staff can make it easy for benefit administration to spin out of control. To ensure your benefits administration is up to par, Trüpp audits employee files, payroll records, carrier invoices, and benefit enrollment records to identify potential issues with enrollments, benefit deductions, and company contributions. The Benefits Audit Findings + Recommendation Report includes a detailed list of issues and the associated actions which need to occur to resolve the issue and prevent future occurrence of errors.

FLSA Audit

To ensure your organization is complying with current and pending FLSA exempt status regulations, Trüpp conducts a thorough review of job duties in light of DOL exempt status duties tests to determine recommended exempt status. The FLSA Audit Findings + Recommendation Report includes identification of jobs that may need to be reclassified and providing recommendations for response, including redefining duties, adjusting salary, and highlighting how these changes may impact employee pay, internal equity, timekeeping, and employee perceptions.

HR Program Assessment

Changes to the regulatory environment, technology advancements, generational differences, and the labor market have necessitated an evolution of the HR department’s contribution to business success. As a knowledgeable, fresh set of eyes on your organization’s HR program, Trüpp conducts a thorough analysis of current HR structure, staffing levels, roles and responsibilities, key processes, and system utilization. The HR Program Assessment Findings + Recommendation Report includes evaluation of the current state of the HR function along with recommendations for the future state.

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