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Objective third-party workplace investigations

Conducting internal investigations presents confidentiality and bias risks. Internal employees and HR staff may feel pressure to protect company interests and working relationships. Even if an organization can conduct a fair and impartial investigation, employees may still perceive it as biased. Engaging the HR professionals at Trüpp removes these fears by providing third-party and objective investigations.

We follow proven best practices for conducting workplace investigations in a timely manner to prevent further escalation, protect your organization from additional risk, and ensure adherence to recommended timelines. As a third-party organization, our friendly staff is able to put employees at ease, enabling them to open up and provide candid responses in a safe environment.

The trained professionals at Trüpp have a deep understanding of employment regulations and investigative procedures. We bring decades of experience with discrimination, harassment, and retaliation investigations, as well as other workplace grievances that are suited for external, third-party, or professional input.

At Trüpp, we understand that workplace investigations often reveal more than just the case determination. That’s why our reports include suggestions for policy updates, workplace culture considerations, and prevention strategies in addition to determining employer liability and appropriate disciplinary actions. Our reports are written from an executive perspective and are designed to be easily understood, actionable, and legally sound.

Most workplace investigations do not require the expense of legal counsel. While Trüpp does not provide legal counsel, if we find it is in our client’s best interest to retain legal counsel, we will advise the employer to do so. Trüpp’s workplace investigations equip the employer with how to proceed based on the type of allegation, inform the employer if there is evidence to support the allegation or complaint, and then provide the employer with recommendations to address the issue.

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What is a workplace investigation?

A workplace investigation, sometimes called an HR investigation, is the process of gathering evidence, assessing information, and determining whether misconduct has occurred or company policy has been violated. Investigations are often triggered in response to an incident, complaint, or suspicion. Investigations are typically conducted by an HR professional, a designated internal investigator, a third-party investigator, or an attorney. There are instances where workplace investigations are mandated by law, such as a complaint of discrimination or sexual harassment, violence or physical harm, or a violation of employee rights or privacy.

Workplace investigation services

Trüpp’s workplace investigation process

Two options to cover your workplace investigation needs

Timely response and complaint evaluation
Investigation plan
Unbiased third-party interviews
Legally sound documentation
Findings and recommendations
Priority service
Dedicated investigation team
Complaint submission site
Dashboard and tracking
Communication trends

Hourly investigation services: Ideal for small to mid-sized organizations, offering the benefits of a third-party investigation performed by experienced investigators in a manner compliant with relevant employment laws. Our hourly investigation service is billed at our hourly consulting rate for each investigation.

Retained investigation services: Ideal for larger organizations. This service includes all the elements of hourly investigations with additional benefits, including a proactive approach, priority service, predictable budgeting, insight into trends, and a convenient submission site with a dashboard to monitor and report on cases. Our retained investigation service is billed at a fixed monthly fee with an annual commitment.

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