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Offload disability and religious accommodations

Objective religious and ADA accommodations

Whether determining the legitimacy of a request, analyzing whether an accommodation will cause hardship, mitigating the impact on other employees and the workplace, or ensuring the health and safety of your workforce, managing religious exemption requests and disability accommodations under the ADA is challenging.

Let the experienced professionals at Trüpp remove the uncertainty so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing employee accommodation requests are handled in a compliant manner.

Our team of HR compliance professionals has years of experience with EEOC laws and proactively keeps up with applicable federal, state, and local employment laws.

Processing accommodation requests can expose an organization to many risks. Even when an organization conducts a fair and impartial process, employees may still perceive it as biased. Engaging the HR professionals at Trüpp removes these fears by providing objective processing of disability and religious accommodation requests. As a third-party administrator, our friendly staff put employees at ease, enabling them to speak candidly regarding their accommodation requests.

We follow proven best practices for conducting sound accommodation administration. The experienced compliance consultants at Trüpp have a deep understanding of employment regulations and EEOC guidelines that encompass both ADA accommodations and religious accommodations. Our comprehensive process proceeds promptly and includes questions designed to provide the necessary information to make defensible determinations.

At Trüpp, we understand that disability and religious accommodations cover sensitive subject matter and require appropriate documentation. Determination recommendations are made from documented content. Trüpp is also able to assist with necessary policy and employee handbook updates that may be necessary.

Trüpp expertly advises on reasonable accommodations, basing our guidance on HR best practices, applicable employment laws, maintaining an equitable and safe work environment, and avoiding undue hardship to your organization.

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ADA and religious accommodation services process

FAQs for ADA and religious accommodations services

What it a religious exemption?2021-10-01T14:00:39-07:00

A religious accommodation is a change that is made in employment expectations or requirements that enables an employee to follow sincerely held religious beliefs. These adjustments might include exemptions from certain company policies or events or alternative scheduling.

Employers who have a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy may be required to accommodate a religious exemption if an employee confirms a sincerely held religious belief that opposes vaccines. Documentation of the belief is generally required and an accommodation may be granted if it doesn’t pose an undue hardship to the organization.

Do employers have to accommodate a vaccine exemption for political reasons?2021-10-01T14:18:11-07:00

No. A religious exemption is only required if the employee proves a sincerely held religious belief. Political opinions or views are not considered a sincerely held religious belief.

Do employers have to accommodate religion?2021-10-01T14:20:55-07:00

Generally, yes, but the religion must be a sincerely held belief and the accommodation may not create an undue hardship to the organization. If the belief is not sincerely held, if the requested documentation is not provided, or if it creates a hardship to the organization, the accommodation request may be denied.

Can you deny a religious practices accommodation?2021-10-01T14:26:45-07:00

Yes. If it is found that the request is not for a sincerely held religious belief or creates an undue hardship for the organization, the request can be denied. This can be risky. It is important to be fair and consistent with all requests and to thoroughly analyze and document why it poses a hardship or is determined not to be a sincerely held religious belief.

Can an employer ask for proof of religion?2021-10-01T14:29:56-07:00

Documentation can be requested to prove a sincerely held belief. It’s important to be consistent when requesting documentation. Only ask for information that is directly relevant to making a determination and avoid requesting too much detail.


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