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Trüpp offers convenient online training and regularly scheduled webinars on relevant HR topics. In addition, all of our trainings can be delivered onsite for your organization. We are also able to personalize them or provide custom trainings on many other employment related topics based on your organization’s needs. Please contact us to learn more about our onsite training services.


Trüpp’s training is delivered through a variety of convenient vehicles, including online courses, webinars, e-learning, and on-demand training.

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Our training services are primarily provided through our convenient online learning management system, but may be hosted at your location.

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Sexual harassment training focused on employee empowerment

Harassment is not a knowledge problem, it’s a behavior problem. Rather than focusing on compliance information alone, our harassment, discrimination, and retaliation training provides tools for targets, bystanders, and even offenders for how to respond when inappropriate behavior occurs, encouraging a culture that reinforces your commitment to maintaining a respectful workplace where inappropriate behavior is simply not tolerated.

  • Interactive content that increases comprehension
  • Practical prevention tools for targets, bystanders, and offenders
  • Visually appealing multimedia content that can be viewed on virtually any device
  • Participation and engagement tracking to ensure comprehension and completion
  • Certification to ensure compliance with regulatory training requirements

Online harassment training

Webinars | Expand your competency on relevant HR topics

Trüpp regularly offers topical webinars designed to assist organizations with a variety of important employment topics including compliance with current employment law, recruiting, controversial issues that affect the workplace, and general HR topics. Rather than skim the surface, we pride ourselves on taking a deep dive into the subject matter, providing in-depth information that is useful for our attendees. Most webinars are free and are presented by in-house or guest subject matter experts. Below is a sampling of just a few of the topics we’ve covered in the past:

Recruitment & Hiring

Learn how to avoid common interviewing mistakes and how to apply best practices to confidently select all-star employees. 

Employer Brand

Learn how to showcase your employer brand to attract quality applicants to increases employee engagement and retention.

Employee Drug Screening

Learn about regulations that may influence drug policies and current drug screening technologies.

Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

Learn to recognize problematic behavior, address illegal behavior, and respond to employee complaints in a productive manner.

Knowledge Management

Learn how to create and implement a basic Knowledge Management framework and philosophy for your organization.

Compliance with Employment Law

Learn the basics of federal, state, and local leave laws, ADAAA, discrimination and retaliation laws, employee classification, and wage and hour laws.

Firing an Employee

Mitigate risk when preparing for, documenting, and carrying out an employee separation.

Employee Handbooks

Learn how a carefully worded Employee Handbook can help with employee communication and shield your organization from liability.

Other HR Topics

Trüpp regularly updates its offering of free webinars based on relevant HR topics.
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Onsite manager training designed to unleash your team’s potential

Effective leaders are not born, they are made. Trüpp’s training services have been designed to equip leadership teams and supervisors with the skills and tools necessary to motivate, direct, and develop employees resulting in higher productivity and greater employee engagement. Our training services are provided by experienced professionals and are focused on practical application of proven techniques and methodologies. Our training classes and workshops are delivered on-site at your business location.

Management 1.0 Training Series

This series of four workshops is designed to equip your supervisors to mitigate risk, navigate employment laws, and engage employees. Topics are delivered in a manner that is easily applied to the supervisor’s role (whether frontline supervisor, middle management, or top leadership), work setting, and workforce. Workshops are not sequential and are independent of one another.

  • + -

    EQUIP | Unleash the impact of managerial greatness

    Being a great manager isn’t easy. This session equips participants to excel as people managers, including transitioning into the manager role, learning how to effectively motivate, direct, and develop employees while balancing company objectives, employee circumstances, competing priorities, and employment laws.
  • + -

    HIRE | Attract, interview and select rock star employees

    Hiring great employees is key to a company’s success. This session provides useful methods for attracting talent in today’s challenging market and provides tools for conducting a hiring process that will lead to the confident selection of an employee who is most highly likely to succeed in the role for which they have been hired.
  • + -

    PERFORM | Accelerate your employees’ full potential

    The path to achieving a team of high-performing employees can be allusive. This session provides practical tools for leveraging employee strengths, providing performance feedback, conducting performance evaluations, establishing goals and development plans, and contending with performance issues.
  • + -

    NAVIGATE | Steer clear of the risks of employing people

    Even the best employers find it challenging to keep up with the changing regulatory and employment climate. This session delivers a solid foundation for applying employment laws and best practices throughout the employee life cycle—from hiring to separation, positioning participants to reduce organizational risk.

Management 2.0 Training Workshop Series

This advanced series of four workshops is designed to equip supervisors to facilitate staff development, leverage company culture to increase performance, create a cohesive team from disparate personalities, and drive a change-savvy workforce that is able to thrive in the midst of turbulence. Workshops are not sequential and are independent of one another. Completion of Management 1.0 series not required.

  • + -

    DEVELOP | Expand the power of your team

    Successful managers are focused on unleashing their teams hidden potential. This session introduces staff development as part of the manager’s strategic toolkit and reviews methods for assessing your teams capabilities, developing meaningful goals for growth, and guiding your staff to do it’s best work.
  • + -

    ENGAGE | Create a thriving culture that drives performance

    An engaged team has been proven to expand productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction. This session provides a holistic look at the factors that contribute to a strong company culture and a high sense of engagement among team members. Managers will learn to leverage culture as part of the strategic toolkit that drives high performance.
  • + -

    SHAPE | Unite diverse personalities into a cohesive team

    Navigating unique personalities can be challenging in today’s diverse, fast paced work workplace. Yet these distinct approaches and worldviews often contribute to more innovative and comprehensive solutions. This session introduces techniques for turning team challenges into strengths that promote business success.
  • + -

    ADAPT | Drive an agile and responsive business model

    Businesses today operate in a nearly constant state of change. Developing a strategy that equips your workforce to successfully adapt is essential to competing in today’s market. This session explores effective methodologies for helping teams adapt and thrive in the face of change.

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Leadership team building

How effective is your team at working collaboratively in order to achieve a common goal? Bringing together a group of individuals brings a multi-dimensional complexity that often prevents teams from achieving their goals and reaching their potential. Our approach prioritizes increasing team effectiveness in a manner that produces measurable improvement. Key steps include:


What is the ultimate goal and how will we know when it has been achieved? We kick off the engagement by defining desired outcomes in a manner that is achievable, adaptable and measurable.


We have our bag of tricks and know when they are best applied—assessment tools*, subjective interviews, keen listening and observation skills are expertly applied to determine the current state of affairs.


Collaborative team work sessions, where learnings are shared and applied, create a platform for facilitating a plan of action that the team creates, commits to, and is held accountable for.


Change is not easy, which is further amplified in a group setting. Establishing a plan for reinforcement, ongoing assessment and measurement is key to creating lasting and meaningful change.

*Assessment tools used may include application of programs such as The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Everything DiSC®, and Clifton StrengthsFinder®.

Human resources training | Get credit from SHRM and HRCI

Training-Credits-2018Trüpp is an HRCI Approved Provider offering HRCI re-certification credit for most of our training seminars, workshops, and webinars. Trüpp is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credit (PDCs) for SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP.


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