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Let’s face it; employment laws are complex! Do you really want to spend your time monitoring regulatory updates, leave regulations, or trying to interpret complicated laws? Why not entrust your compliance to the HR compliance specialists at Trüpp so you can focus on what you do best?

Keeping up with frequently changing employment laws can be overwhelming—with costly consequences for those that fall out of compliance. Our HR compliance specialists keep up to date on employment laws at the federal, state, and local levels and are prepared to advise across all 50 states. We understand the complexities of maintaining compliance with a distributed workforce and employing workers across multiple states.

A poorly worded policy can leave your organization vulnerable and contribute to additional liability. Our compliance specialists understand the requirements, intents, and potential pitfalls associated with employment regulations and ensure language that reduces organizational risk while being easy-to-understand for employees.

Trüpp doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to compliance. We recognize that not every business is the same. Our practical approach is informed by your unique business needs, framework, and culture. If you have a remote workforce distributed across multiple states, compliance with pay equity legislation, for example, will be very different from an organization drawing all of its employees from a single metro region. Because we have expertise in all 50 states, we can craft policies and recommendations that are as unique as your business.

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HR Compliance Subscription

Trüpp’s HR compliance subscription service enables your organization to offload the burden of keeping up with federal, state, and local employment laws to our team of compliance specialists. We take the guesswork out of compliance with custom compliance updates, an annual HR program assessment, and insightful compliance resources.

HR Compliance Projects

Offload your compliance projects to our experienced specialists while you get on with growing your business. Trüpp provides an upfront cost with precise roles and responsibilities, project goals and timelines, and assigns a compliance specialist to oversee your project from start to finish. We provide regular status updates and assistance with implementation and employee communication.

Hourly HR Compliance Consulting

Simply consult with our experienced compliance specialists at our affordable hourly rate when compliance needs arise. We provide custom support informed by the unique needs of your business, professional recommendations on compliance and HR best practices, and expertly crafted HR policies aligned with relevant federal, state, and local employment laws.


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