By , President, Trupp HR.

Over 50 years ago, President John F. Kennedy kicked off the first National Small Business Week. Since then, the President of the United States has continued this tradition of recognizing the contributions of our country’s entrepreneurs and small business owners.

With more than half of Americans owning or working for a small business and with 2 out of 3 jobs created coming from small business, it is easy to understand why small business is so tightly weaved into the fabric of our country.

As an owner of a small business that serves the small business community, I feel particularly honored to understand firsthand the sense of achievement that comes with realizing a vision, employing great people, giving back to our community, and providing a service that contributes to the success of our amazing clients.

Many cities, associations and businesses across the country are recognizing National Small Business Week 2014 (SBW2014) with various events and promotions. Here are five ideas to discover how you can get plugged in to SBW2014.

  1. Shop, dine and play at your local, small businesses.
  2. Attend a free webinar to discover the best areas of the country to start and expand a company.
  3. Follow Twitter Chat discussions focused on start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurship.
  4. Visit your local Small Business Administration (SBA) web site to discover what’s happening near you.
  5. Follow #SBW2014 on Twitter to keep current on event postings, offers and articles.