By Zach Swanson, HR Business Partner, Trupp HR

A thriving culture is essential to the success of your business. When your company’s values and business environment line up with your goals, they become a constant source of guidance for how your employees can succeed with your organization. A culture that clearly reflects and values the uniqueness of your workplace drives success by keeping your employees engaged. Research shows that engaged employees are more productive and have higher retention rates. But how do we leverage our culture to influence engagement? It all boils down to three things: language, feedback, and values.

Clear language

When it comes to language, clarity is key! The way that we describe our tasks, priorities, and products shapes the way our teams think about them. In order to feel invested, employees need to really understand their role, how it contributes to business goals, and how they can grow within the organization. When our culture delivers a clear, consistent message, it reinforces your company values and gives daily reminders of how to succeed within your organization.

Meaningful feedback

Developing a culture of direct, meaningful involvement in employee performance facilitates engagement. When we give positive feedback, we show that our employees are valued and that their work makes a meaningful contribution. When we deliver corrective feedback in a respectful and direct manner, we show employees that we are invested in their long term success. In order to truly engage in a workplace, employees must feel they have a path to long term success. By helping them grow, we build that long term relationship.

Social values

Research shows that employees will be more committed to a workplace that they feel is making a positive contribution to the world. When your culture highlights the good you do for others, it helps your team feel more rewarded by their daily work. Organizations that provide opportunities for team volunteering or charitable giving not only support their community but reap the benefits of increased employee engagement.

Be purposeful with company culture

In order to have a thriving company culture that reflects your mission, you must take a strategic approach. It is important that your business leaders and managers are clearly communicating your company values and corporate goals to your workforce. As this becomes a part of your business environment, employees get a clear sense of their value, where they fit into the organization, and how they can grow within it. In the end, you’ll shape a company culture where employees have internalized your organization’s vision and are eager to be a part of its success.