Pulse-Emplyee-SurveyPortland, OR, June 10, 2014– Trupp HR, Inc., a human resources solutions company, has announced the debut of their new Pulse Employee Survey product. The survey is designed to measure workforce engagement and satisfaction, while uncovering areas that could impact employee retention. The survey is tailored to each organization’s objectives and requirements.

Employers may choose to deploy the Pulse Employee Survey online or by hard copy as appropriate. Questions address topics such as Job Satisfaction, Work Environment, Communications, Employee Performance, Total Rewards, Teamwork, Supervision, Quality, Safety and Workforce Planning.

This product offers employees an opportunity to give confidential feedback about their employer, role and work environment. The data gathered is analyzed at a company level along with drill-downs where relevant, such as by department, location and supervisory role—enabling employers to focus improvement efforts where they will have the greatest impact. Pulse Employee Surveys consist of three elements: survey development and deployment, an analysis and recommendations report, and an employee communication plan.

“We are excited to introduce the Pulse Employee Survey as the latest offering in our suite of HR products,” said Jean Roque, President of Trupp HR. “This service provides a reliable way for organizations to gather valuable employee feedback, uncover areas requiring attention, and come away with an actual strategy for implementing effective changes in the workplace.”