By Jenny Sherman, SPHR CCP, Trupp HR.

Skilled employees are seeking new jobs

Employee confidence is up, unemployment rates are lower and employed workers are seeking new jobs. Surveys show that nearly 20% of employees have recently launched a job search and another 30% or more are considering doing so during 2013.

2013 recruiting promises top candidates

If you have jobs available, you may have better candidates to choose from in 2013. Employees who have been “on hold” for the past three to four years are assessing the job market and beginning to seek the next opportunity to advance their career. Companies that want to to attract the best and brightest talent should know that healthcare and retirement benefits are of top importance to potential employees. Being paid at the top, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t even top the list of what employees are seeking in their next role.

 Attracting top talent hinges on total rewards

Developing a well-rounded benefits package and directing your valuable dollars to the most effective attractors will get job seekers attention. Low-cost benefits that can seal the deal include offering flexible work schedules, having great leaders who inspire employees to do their best, and giving employees meaningful work that is aligned to their interests and skills. Using this winning formula has the added benefit of creating a positive brand that can also retain your best and brightest and ensure that your employees are not part of the projected exodus.

Trupp HR can help you to determine if your benefits are aligned to your employees needs and make the best of your benefit dollars.