May HR Calendar | Trupp HRMay is just around the corner, and so is the sun! Here are some important HR items to check off your list for the month of May before you start planning your summer vacation getaway!

Conduct an Annual Job Audit
Employee classification errors can be very costly. Conducting an annual job audit to determine that you’re employees are classified correctly is important to maintaining compliance with employment law and will have your organization prepared should the Federal Wage and Hour auditors knock on your door. Follow the link below for advice about why a job audit makes sense for employers.
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Conduct Employee Surveys
Implementing an Employee Survey this May could provide some valuable insights. According to research released in March, employees shared the following sentiments on work and well-being:

  • Only 51% feel valued
  • Less than half (47%) say their employer is regularly seeking their input
  • Only 59% reported having adequate health insurance benefits available to them
  • Less than half (43%) reported that recognition is based on fair and useful performance evaluations

Employees sometimes mistakenly believe the “grass is greener on the other side,” and jump into a new job with a new employer. Leading employers have already learned that they can get higher profitability and stronger customer service by paying attention to employees. By asking employees for their input, they are able take actions to continuously increase employees’ sense of well-being with their organization. Employee Surveys conducted annually or at least bi-annually are an effective tool for employers who want to know whether their employees are at risk for flight.  Using the data obtained to turn the plane around can be a solid step in retaining a healthy workforce.

National Senior Health & Fitness Day, Wednesday, May 29
May is Older Americans Month and the national fitness day organization recognizes May 29th as National Senior Health & Fitness Day. Local organizations will host senior-related health and fitness events at various locations including health clubs, YMCAs, parks, and hospitals. For more information on how employers can craft programs for staff and get involved in this event, click the link below or contact:

Patricia Henze
[email protected]

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