By Kylie Artz, Shared Services Manager, Trüpp.

In 2016, Trüpp’s Shared Services team implemented a customer service management system to enable our Shared Services team to manage and track client email communication and outstanding tasks more efficiently and provide clients with greater visibility into the status of their requests.

Our Shared Services team is now able to organize and prioritize all client communications in one spot. As a result, we can respond quickly, follow up on outstanding items consistently, collaborate more efficiently within the team, and ultimately increase our success rate resolving your Payroll and Benefit Administration matters.

Here’s the best part! Specified emails that a member of your organization sends to our team are housed and managed within the platform. As a client of Trüpp, you also have access to a help desk portal that enables you to check the status of any tickets (emails) that you have sent or been cc’d on along with any notes or actions taken by the Shared Services team.

To gain access to the help desk portal, you will need to register your email address and sign up, contact us for details. You can then log into the portal and utilize the filters any time you like.

Voila! With little to no effort at all, you can get an immediate update, 24/7, and get on with your day.