By Calvin Gower, Trüpp.

Workplace harassment is a relevant topic that is getting both media and legislative attention. We’ve been covering a lot of information about this topic to keep employers abreast of its impact on workplace policy, employee training, and HR best practices. Here’s an overview of some of the important content we’ve published on the topic of preventing harassment in the workplace. This article highlights statistics published by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the argument for conducting anti-harassment training, insight on the psychological side of harassment, and other helpful information that we believe employers and managers need to be aware of on this important topic.

5 reasons your company should be providing sexual harassment training

Many employers are aware of the anti-harassment legislation trend taking place. Even if these laws aren’t being implemented in your state, there are valid reasons for conducting sexual harassment training for your employees. This article makes five compelling points for implementing training.

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The direct and indirect costs of harassment in the workplace

In 2015, the EEOC put together a select task force to focus on the issue of harassment in the workplace. The findings were published the following year in an extensive report that dives into several aspects of harassment, including a section about the business case for harassment. This article summarizes the EEOC findings of the direct and indirect financial costs of workplace harassment.

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EEOC reports show an increase in sexual harassment claims

With sexual harassment claims in the media spotlight over the past year, it is no surprise that the EEOC recorded a significant increase in claims filed. This article touches on the EEOC’s key findings comparing the last two year’s statistics.

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The different perspectives of harassment in the workplace

The foundation of building a respectful workplace starts with establishing a framework for policies, training, and expectations. As a leader, it’s important to understand the different perspectives of harassment when you build a framework for prevention. This article explores insights on the three roles of a harassment encounter, and how to apply this knowledge to shift company culture in the right direction.

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