By Calvin Gower, Trüpp.

Every employer wants an engaged team. So, what’s the secret to encouraging deeper engagement from your employees? At its core, employee engagement is all about motivation. If you’re able to tap into what motivates employees to go above and beyond, you will be able to nurture lasting engagement.

When looking for effective ways to motivate employees, it’s important to understand that internal motivators are the most reliable for contributing to ongoing engagement. While external motivators like salary, benefits, and pressure can provide temporary motivation, they don’t serve well for engagement over the long-term. Internal motivators, on the other hand, like job satisfaction, friendships, praise, ownership, and competition drive employees from within, at a personal level. They provide that sense of accomplishment from completing a challenging task, the excitement of exploring something new, or the satisfaction of receiving recognition. These tend to pair with our natural desire to develop, be challenged, and succeed. When an employee is motivated internally, they are less likely to be affected by outside influences that distract from happiness or creativity.

Consider these employee engagement drivers that fuel internal motivation and lead to a more engaged team.

  • Alignment of purpose with your company mission
  • Meaningful work
  • Feedback, recognition, and appreciation
  • Development and growth opportunities
  • Respect and trust in managers and leadership
  • Good working relationships
  • Value of employee well-being
  • Meeting of basic needs

As a manager, facilitating these key motivators can make your employees want to go the extra mile for you and your organization. Engagement is an ongoing process, and some of these will be more effective than others over time and can vary from business to business. Find the combination that is right for your team and conquer the challenge of maintaining engagement.