As you are probably aware by now, both New York State and New York City have passed comprehensive sexual harassment prevention laws. There are a number of requirements associated with these laws and each has its own set of compliance deadlines. With the NY harassment training deadline quickly approaching, make sure you have all the bases covered. Here’s a quick review of the requirements:

New York State

  1. October 9th, 2019, is the deadline for employers in New York State to provide sexual harassment prevention training to all employees. The law specifies that the training must:
    • be interactive
    • offer an explanation of what sexual harassment is
    • give examples of unlawful conduct
    • provide information about employee rights and remedies
  1. Every employer in New York State must have developed and distributed a sexual harassment prevention policy to employees. This policy must cover the minimum standards set by New York State which includes providing:
    • A statement prohibiting sexual harassment
    • Examples of inappropriate conduct
    • Information about the statutory provisions
    • A complaint form
  1. Arbitration agreements and settlement agreements are no longer permitted for the resolution of sexual harassment claims.

New York City

In addition to the New York State requirements, employers in New York City must:

  1. Post a written notice for employees in the form of a poster
  2. Provide a fact sheet to employees
  3. Keep employee training records
  4. If they have 15 or more employees, Provide annual anti-sexual harassment training to their employees which must include:
    • A description of the internal complaint process
    • An explanation of retaliation
    • Expanded training for supervisors and managers

Download our free NY ANTI-SEXUAL HARASSMENT GUIDE for detailed explanations of these requirements. You’ll also get our convenient checklist to ensure you are on track with your compliance efforts.

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