By Calvin Gower, Marketing Coordinator, Trüpp.

Continual improvement is important in the modern-day business landscape. Focus on efforts to improve culture, management, and employee skill-sets are the cornerstones of an innovative organization. A business that is positioned for success will be focused on giving its people the tools necessary to be the best they can be. While change is difficult, it’s where true growth happens both in employees and an organization. These articles provide innovative ideas for continuous improvement and helping businesses adapt and grow as a team.

Managers Can’t be Great Coaches All by Themselves

Employees are expected to constantly grow by updating their skills over the course of time. This requires coaching from managers to help with development. A study conducted by Gartner revealed four distinct coaching profiles that demonstrate current management styles and the pros and cons of each.


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Navigating Organizational Change? Avoid These Five Communication Mistakes

It’s crucial for businesses to stay relevant as market landscapes evolve, particularly as new technologies are introduced. With more frequent organizational changes, come the challenges of managing employees through the restructuring process. As you focus on change management within your organization, avoid these five communication mistakes.


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Building an Enterprise Culture of Continuous Innovation

The influence of your company culture goes a long way when it comes to the development of your employees and the ideas they drive. When cultural initiatives are backed by leadership and translated into meaningful action items, a business will build a unified approach to continuous improvement. This article covers some practical techniques for bringing your employees together to push constructive ideas forward.


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