Our employee engagement is great, and our employees are happy. Why should we do an Employee Engagement Survey?

By Meagan Phillips, HR Analyst, Trüpp.

You may be completely in tune with your team, and while they are happy and the business is thriving, having happy employees does not necessarily mean having engaged employees, which are the folks putting in that extra discretionary effort to make your business thrive. By giving employees the opportunity to provide input, you may learn that there’s a disconnect between what the leadership thinks and what employees think in one or more key areas related to your employee engagement. It’s very easy for the executive management team to become removed from the pulse of the organization without even realizing it, and an Employee Engagement Survey is an easy way to stay in the know.

On the other hand, your perception that your employees are happy and engaged may be spot on! However, without digging into it, you don’t know why this is happening. Are your employees satisfied because of a robust compensation and benefits package? Is it related to strong development opportunities? By identifying and understanding your areas of strength, you can build on and maintain your wins while allocating time and resources to areas of opportunity. Even if these areas of opportunity are marginal, no company is perfect and there will always be an area that needs a little tending to.

An Employee Engagement Survey also provides your employees with the opportunity to speak up and share their input on why they love working for your company and what keeps them motivated to continue working for you. Just asking them what they think demonstrates to your employees that you value them and are genuinely interested in their feedback and opinions. Understanding what people value most about the company helps you define or refine your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). By having a strong and consistent EVP message, your company is able to retain its top talent and attract the best talent for your recruiting efforts, enabling you to maintain a vibrant culture.

Regardless of how spot on your intuition is about your team’s engagement, an Employee Engagement Survey provides concrete and valuable information about what’s working and what needs a little help. This can, in turn, be used to create a tailored action plan to maintain and improve your employee engagement.