By Trüpp

Benefits are a significant investment for employers and essential to attracting and retaining talent. Despite the considerable energy and expense that goes into securing a robust benefits package, many employees may not think much about their benefits beyond open enrollment. Indeed, they may not even be aware of some of the most valuable perks available to them through their benefits package.

It is vital to make benefits a year-round conversation and ensure that your employees get the most out of your investment. Consider these simple steps your company can take to keep your team informed about this crucial part of their compensation package and excited about any unique features.

1. Showcase web portals

Many benefits and health insurance organizations provide members access to benefits information through easy-to-use web-based portals. Your organization may even offer a consolidated portal with links to all the perks available through the company. Here, employees can learn about the benefits available to them, balances in flex accounts, and explore options they may not know they have. Be sure to highlight these portals and provide links throughout the year.

2. Highlight the specifics during themed events

Get creative with events that serve as platforms to highlight employee benefits throughout the year. If you offer pet insurance, remind employees during a take your pet to work day. If you have college repayment options, hold a college-themed happy hour. There are many ways to turn benefits reminders into fun office activities.

3. Host a benefits luncheon

Throughout the year, bring in a caterer and gather your team for special lunches focused on benefits awareness. Provide a brief presentation on your benefits package, showcase cashback incentives or practical tools that help employees save on out-of-pocket expenses, and invite your broker to answer employee questions. Since you won’t be focused on open enrollment details, you’ll have plenty of time to highlight exciting features that employees may find helpful. Consider making the event casual and upbeat, with lots of time for socializing in addition to the time spent on the benefits presentation.

4. Get your team moving

Many health insurance providers offer incentives for members to focus on better health, which benefits both the insurer and the insured. Explore ways to turn these into friendly competitions. Hold a 5K or get employees to count their steps and mark their progress. Offer small prizes for various levels of achievement.

5. Ask employees what they want

Open Enrollment season doesn’t have to be the only time your employees provide input on the benefits they find meaningful. Survey your team about options — both those you already offer and perks you may want to add. Read our article, Getting Creative with Employee Benefits for ideas. Implement this survey at least a few months before open enrollment so you have plenty of time to consider employee feedback and as yet another opportunity to remind your team of the benefits your company offers.

These are just a few ways to make benefits awareness a central part of your work culture, not just something to think about once a year. Benefits are a significant component of your compensation package, reflecting who you are as an organization and the value you place on your employees. When showcasing the significance of your benefits package, it doesn’t matter which vehicles you choose, so long as you’re bringing awareness at different times throughout the year. Keeping benefits and perks front of mind with your employees ensures you maximize the impact of your total rewards investment.

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