Portland, Oregon – September 16, 2016 – Trupp HR, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent launch of its Benefits Administration Outsourcing (BAO) service. Trüpp’s BAO removes the process of benefits management from the customer’s workload, including the ongoing tasks of benefits administration and the open enrollment process.

Trüpp’s Benefits Administration Outsourcing service enables client’s to save valuable time by offloading the administrative tasks related to benefits, reducing compliance risk, and containing variable costs related to benefits. Trüpp’s BAO service includes a number of key components that not only ensure benefits are handled according to established best practices, but also in an efficient and effective manner. Components include overall benefits management, employee education, leveraging cloud-based technology, and compliance with local, state, and federal law. Trüpp’s BAO services are implemented and managed by an entire team of shared services and benefits specialists, ensuring an elevated level of expertise and support.

“Our Benefits Administration Outsourcing service frees up our clients to focus on what they do best, growing their business,” explains Brenna Patterson, Benefits Services Manager for Trüpp. “By taking on benefits administration for our clients, we are able to highlight the organization’s employer brand to their employees, while simplifying the entire benefits management and open enrollment process. It really comes down to making their lives easier and maximizing the benefits offered to their employees.”

About Trüpp

As a provider of human resource solutions designed to enhance the employee experience while streamlining employee management and compliance activities, Trüpp is reinventing HR from the ground up with a progressive and relevant approach that scales with the evolving needs of today’s business landscape.

Trüpp’s strategic approach to the delivery of HR services enables its clients to offload the complexity of HR with a technology-driven, full-service HR experience. Solutions include HR outsourcing, benefits administration outsourcing, payroll administration outsourcingHR consulting, compensation consulting, HR audits, employee handbooks, employee surveyssupervisor training, and leadership development.